Homeowner Association (HOA) and Condo Elections

Homeowner associations, condominium associations, strata councils, and coops use OpaVote online voting to save time and money in running their elections.

You can use OpaVote to allow homeowners to elect trustees, and also when trustees vote on issues on behalf of the HOA.

Easily Meet Quorum

OpaVote keeps track of who has voted and who hasn't and allows you to send reminders to people who haven't voted.

Flexible Voting

Allow voters to vote at home on their phones, by using a paper ballot, or voting at a meeting. Easily combine all types of voting.

Increased Engagement

Online voting is so easy and inexpensive that you can hold more polls and elections to better understand the needs of home owners.

No Proxies Needed

Since homeowners can vote on their phones, simplify elections by avoiding proxy voting.

Weighted Voting

You can weight voters according to the square footage of their unit or other criteria. Learn more about weighted voting.

Recorded Voting

For some elections, you may need to record how peeople (e.g., trustees) voted for full transparency of the election. OpaVote allows recorded voting as well.