OpaVote Pricing

OpaVote's prices are much lower than other providers of online voting services!

Free items allow 25 voters, 20 candidates, and 1 week duration. For each $5 paid, you get 100 voters, an additional 5 candidates, and an additional 1 week duration (except that polls have unlimited voters and votes). Enter your numbers below to compute your price.

The price for an item with voters and candidates and that needs to last weeks is $0.

Price Comparison

For 1000 voters, OpaVote only costs $50. By comparison, Election Buddy will cost $99, Simply Voting will cost $500, and Elections Online will cost $675.

Don't pay more than you need to!

Referral Program

To show our appreciation to customers who refer others, we are now offering referral bonuses! For each customer you refer to OpaVote, we will give you a credit equal to the total payments used by the referred customer in their first month of using OpaVote.

Here are the details:

  • The referred customer must be a new OpaVote customer and must be an organization (individuals are not included).
  • The bonus is for any amounts transferred to items during the first month (unused payments not included). The month starts on the date of first payment.
  • The referral program is subject to change at any time.
  • Send us an email to claim your referral bonus!

Example Pricing

Price (US$) Max Voters1 Max Candidates Max Duration
Free! 25 20 1
$5 100 25 2
$10 200 30 3
$20 400 40 5
$50 1000 70 11
$100 2000 120 21
$500 10000 520 101

1 Only applies to Elections and Counts. Polls have unlimited voters.