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OpaVote sends an email to each voter with a secure voting link (or you can send emails yourself) and only authorized voters can vote.



Anyone can vote using your personalized voting web page that you publicize using your website, email, or social media.



Count ranked ballots that you have already collected (e.g., paper ballots or your own vote collection software.)

Secure and Trustworthy



Voting pages are encrypted for your security. View the demonstration poll and see the lock icon to the left of the address bar.



OpaVote runs on Google servers for maximum reliability and scalability. Use the same infrastructure that powers Google search.



Voter email addresses are not shared and not used for any purposes outside of the election. See our privacy policy for more details.

Great Voting Interface

OpaVote makes it super easy for voters to cast their votes and allows both regular (check box) voting and ranked voting. Try the example ballots here or in our demonstration poll.

OpaVote supports most well known counting methods. You can do a traditional election where voters select a single candidate, a ranked-choice voting election (e.g., STV, IRV, or Condorcet), approval voting, or any combination of methods.

Who uses OpaVote?

“We used OpaVote for the annual meeting of our organization (20K+ members). For anyone looking for a professional, reasonably priced solution, look no further! We look forward to working with OpaVote for many years to come!”
— B. Kornspan, NJ Freemasons

“Many thanks for providing a comprehensive, simple to use, and cost effective election system. We have a voting membership of 800 members many of whom are not the most IT literate. The simplicity of the system ensured that they felt confident their votes have been cast."
— A. Morrison, Leeds Library

OpaVote is used by many universities and colleges, high schools, non profits, political parties, and companies.

Liberal Democrats
Fair Vote
Fair Vote Canada
Scouts Canada
The Greens

Detailed Reporting

OpaVote provides detailed reporting for election managers. OpaVote tracks who has opened a voting email, visited the voting page, and cast a vote. You can see a graph over time as shown here.

OpaVote also tracks email delivery to voters so you know who has received a voting email. See this blog post for more details and this video for an example of an actual election at 20x real time.

An example of a voter activity graph provided by OpaVote that shows a count of email opens, visits, and votes over time.