OpenSTV has been merged into OpaVote

Since 2003, the OpenSTV project had been dedicated to improving democracy by providing professional quality software for the single transferable vote and other ranked-choice voting methods.

OpenSTV has now been merged into OpaVote. Nearly all of the features of OpenSTV are now available by creating a Count at OpaVote. The main difference is that you need an Internet connection to use OpaVote whereas you did not for OpenSTV. Since Internet connections are now available just about anywhere, we are no longer supporting OpenSTV.

Count Ballots Online

The price for an OpaVote Count is 5 cents per voter, while the price for OpenSTV was $400/year. OpaVote provides a better experience than OpenSTV and will be less expensive for most of our customers. For some of you, OpaVote will unfortunately be more expensive, but we believe that usage based pricing is better overall for our customers. We no longer have discounts for non-profit organizations.

The one feature that has not yet made it into OpaVote is the ability to break ties manually. We are working on adding this feature to OpaVote. In the meantime, since recounting ballots is free, you can recount until you get the desired tie breaking.

We hope that OpaVote fulfills the needs of our former OpenSTV customers, and please let us know if there is anything we can do to make OpaVote better for you.